Anatomical Hood Long Neck Red

Anatomical Hood Long Neck Red

Revel in the seduction of tight-fitted latex with this long-necked bondage hood!

Our Anatomical Red Latex Hood moulds to the face and covers the entire head and neck. Made out of durable rubber latex with generous stretch, it can be polished to an irresistible high gloss using latex shiner. Ideal for those who desire the look, feel, and deep pressure of a full latex hood.


Made from soft, bright red rubber latex. This hood comes in one size, is suitable for all genders, and stretches to accommodate all adult heads. The rear zip closure comes with a hair cover attached inside to avoid snags.

Punched holes at the nostrils allow the wearer to breathe. Eye openings and oval mouth opening are optional.

The hood can be further enhanced with our Silicone Latex Shiner Spray.

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Colour: Black