What is a latex fetish?

The world is full of fetishes.  According to Webster, a fetish is an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.[1]  Add into that a little bit of kink, and we’ve got you covered, literally.

Latex is one of the top 10 sexual fetishes that people enjoy according to AskMen.com, coming in at number 3.  It can be for a multitude of reasons, and no reason is wrong and all are enjoyable.  There is something about wearing latex or seeing someone in a skin-tight rubber outfit that can’t compare to anything else.  Who can forget the catsuit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns back in 1992?  That movie alone increased the awareness of one of the hottest outfits out there and it is still recognized and copied 27 years later.  The benefit is that latex itself is quite mainstream and recognizable.  It can be a bodysuit or even just a top or bottom that can add to the bedroom excitement.

Latex can give the wearer the feeling of wearing a second skin, therefore it can give the perception of being naked without complete exposure.  It can completely change the mindset of the person wearing it, creating a new identity in their mind from the one they have every day, immediately releasing them from their day to day persona. The more adventurous people may have no problem wearing their latex suits out in public with the feeling of power they get just by changing their clothing.

People talk about the release they feel when they are “hugged” by latex. If zipped in a bodysuit, they may feel that they aren’t in control anymore, and the perception of handing over control can be an emotional and physical release from responsibilities to the person in charge of unzipping them from the suit.  It’s a skin that can be removed when desired as well as flaunted.


However, in addition to just the basic latex clothing, latex can also add quite a bit of kink with hoods and masks.  The hoods fit closely around the face and head, bonding and creating a certain amount of sensory deprivation depending on the hood you choose.  These can be used in a multitude of different ways and add anticipation and possibly a new experience.  Hoods can also be dehumanizing, removing personal facial features which can be a great addition to a BDSM collection.


Exploring more about hoods can lead to latex animal hoods or masks.  These form-fitting hoods/masks can add to the dehumanization and humiliation as they frequently feature an animal head, anything from a cat to a horse or anything in-between. They may also add a new fetish aspect, pet play.  An animal mask can completely change the submissive into your pet, mixing together latex and pet play. Puppy hoods are very popular for this!

You may not be interested or ready for a hood or a mask yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your love of latex.  There are easy ways to get started with your outfit, by adding a simple pair of gloves, or something no one will know you have on such as a pair of briefs.  This is one of the fetishes you can go out on the town and look amazing while endulging in your own personal enjoyment.

Though latex isn’t the only fetish out there, it definitely can come into play with any of the other major fetishes.  It’s a perfect outfit for a domme in a BSDM scenario, or switching to the sub, it can work as both pleasure and punishment.  Sensation play is another one that latex works beautifully with.  Latex can be worked into all sorts of other fetishes.

Part of the enjoyment of latex on both a master and a slave is the feeling of a second skin.  It’s one of those items that is easy to get started with and not always difficult to explain.  You don’t need to be covered completely by latex to get the same results, though some people may prefer that.  It can be as simple as putting on a latex skirt or shirt and going out.  It will make a statement about who you are and a little about what you are into.

[1] “Fetish.” Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fetish.

Using Latex Hoods for Sensory Fun

Sensory deprivation is the intentional removal of stimuli affecting one or all of the five human senses and a latex hood can be an easy way for a master to take away the senses of a submissive.  A master should have a hood whether it be latex or another material in their toolbox.  There are many uses for them as both a reward and as a punishment.  A hood can allow the submissive to lose their identity, it makes them anonymous to you and even to themselves.  This gives your submissive a release of pleasure while maintaining you in the position as their master, and as such, gives them a reward for being your submissive.

Sensory deprivation isn’t as scary as it sounds and it can be quite fun. A hood will immediately limit your submissive’s hearing causing them to focus on their other senses to find out what is going on around them.  If you use a hood that takes away their sight, this can even heighten the sensations and anticipation.  A complete hood that blocks sound, sight, and even suppresses smell and taste such as our Black Hood with mouth sheath can make the experience even more exciting for everyone.

Dehumanization can go together with sensory deprivation and often go hand in hand.  By using a latex hood, a master would take away the sub’s personal facial features.  This can feel releasing for both the master if they are into punishing and humiliating as well as the submissive who can be who they want to be during that time.  Making sure the lines of communication are open, any dehumanization and humiliation should be discussed to make sure that lines aren’t crossed.  Hoods have an all-encompassing effect which can be appreciated by the sub.  It can complete the bonding experience, reducing movement, and putting light pressure on the head and face.

Deprivation can be used easily as a reward or punishment.  Put a full hood on, restricting sight, sound, smell, and speech and have them face a corner.  They won’t know what’s happening and can only anticipate.  As a reward, allow your sub to have their sight to let them see what is about to happen.  Even restricting all senses can be enjoyable if presented in a rewarding manner, so a hood is a versatile tool.

The material of the hood can make a difference in the experience.  There are hoods made from latex, leather, lycra, rubber, and even cloth.  As we specialize in latex, those are the hoods we will feature but there are benefits and limitations to all materials. Leather can be restricting, limiting the movement, whereas other materials can give more freedom while still having the bondage experience.  Latex is flexible and form-fitting, making it a comfortable choice and providing a sleek look for both the master and their submissive.

There are different styles of hoods to work with depending on how you would like to handle your dominant/submissive relationship.  You can have open eyes, which can show your submissive they are now in obedient mode.  Or restrict their vision with a hood without eye-holes, reinforcing your dominance as they wait and wonder what you have in store for them.

Using a gag along with a hood can heighten the experience even more.  Remind your submissive who is their master by removing their speech along with their other senses.  The silicone mouth gag that we carry can also be incorporated into a hood as is completely removable.

If you have never used a hood in your dungeon before, make sure you have a talk to explain the reason for the hood and how it will be used during your playtime.  As some people might react differently to having a hood on, start off slow.  As our hoods are made from latex, you will always want to discuss the possibility of an allergy.  Safety always must be discussed, especially with sensory deprivation.  Make sure that you have your safe word established as well as a non-verbal safe motion.

Remember to come out of sensory deprivation play slowly!  Give attention afterward, and the sensory play will end sensational.

Introducing Pet Play into Your Sex Life

Pet play and puppy play has often featured in the media, with documentaries surrounding the lifestyle and scene. Perhaps you are already in the fetish scene, are a lifelong BDSM practitioner, or maybe you are a summer child of the fetish scene and this is your first foray into this world. Everyone is different and how you express your kink is as specific to you as your DNA, but whatever your situation is, we have some tips on how to introduce a bit of pet play into your sex life.

First Steps into Pet Play

Don’t just rock-up in a pig mask one evening. If you are taking your first tentative steps into introducing pet play into your sex life, the most important thing to remember is honesty and openness with your partner. Communication is the key, and discussing this with your sexual partner in an honest and open way is the most successful way to open this door. This should be easy to do if there are already some elements of BDSM or Fetish play in your sex life, but don’t fear if you don’t. A really easy way to begin to introduce pet play is to invest in a collar. They’re reasonably priced, not too ‘out-there’ visually and are a great way to introduce the concept of ownership and pet play to your partner, especially if they are new to this concept.

Pet Play and Ownership

Here is one of the great elements of Pet play which makes it perfect for those new to BDSM. Pet play can work around any configuration of personalities. You can be a pet and owner/handler, or you can pet play with multiple pets. Many pups and animal role players have owners or handlers who take care of them. If you have an owner, then it is customary to have a lock on your collar and your owner to have the key. Ownership is a wonderful way to expand on the trust between yourself and your partner (Or partners).

Pet Play and Animal Masking

So, you have a collar, and you have an owner; Undeniably the next step is to invest in Animal Hood. Maybe you are a Wild Stallion in need of being tamed, or perhaps you identify as a Playful Puppy, whatever your kink persona, here at Secret Latex we have many different styles and colours to match your kink. Most of our items also have customisable eye and mouth holes so you can choose your level of sensory stimulation.

Pet Play and BDSM

Now you are, or you own a pet, whether it be a puppy, pig, pony or kitten, it is time to act the part. For some, this is a permanent lifestyle and many pet players will wear their collar at all times as a show of ownership, for others pet play is confined within scenes. Maybe you are a naughty puppy who needs to be crated, or you’re a strong German Shepherd who protects his owner. Whatever your plans, the trick is to remember to have fun.

Head on over to our contact page if you have any questions regarding our animal hoods and collars.

Beginner’s Guide to Latex

How Latex Improves Your Sex Life

There often comes a time when couples, partners and those that just sexually active will want to try something different when it comes to sex.

Given how open-minded sex is today, more and more people are approaching new kinks to see if anything different can be brought to the table in relation to a more exciting and fulfilling sexual experience.

What was viewed as embarrassing should now be viewed as liberating, and the way in which we have sex can vary as much as our other interests.

It’s important that when trying out something new in the bedroom everyone involved is comfortable, otherwise you won’t get the full benefits of the experience.

Latex is often associated with BDSM, and while it’s used is prevalent, couples new to latex don’t have to be heavily invested in BDSM.

The great thing about a sex life is that you can pick and choose what works for you, and latex play is no different, but why do some many derive pleasure from latex?

Like any aspect of sex, it’s about exploring the options available and finding the perfect fit for all those involved.

Latex Adds a New Level of Personality to Sex

It’s not difficult to see why sex can become routine but trying something new can bring a whole new dimension to your love life, regardless of whether you’re married or meeting someone on a regular basis.

As well as using latex to portray and master and submissive scenario, there are many other scenarios that can make use of latex.

For some, even the smell of latex can be enough to inject some excitement into the bedroom.

Some enjoy wearing latex as it allows them to bring their inner desires to the service. The wearing of latex can lower inhibitions as to what each person wants and can even be a more exciting experience overall.

Enjoy a Whole New Touch Sensation

Although some may enjoy nothing more than falling onto a bed and getting down to business, others may prefer to stretch out the foreplay, and the implementation of latex into your sex life can mean that there’s a completely different experience to enjoy when it comes to touch.

Not only can the barrier offer exciting and erotic prospects, but the touch of the latex alone can be enough to offer yet another dimension of pleasure to your love life.

Finding the Right Latex Fetish Wear

When looking to introduce latex into the bedroom, you might be unsure of what to purchase.

Underwear is a great introduction to latex fetish-wear, whereas those with more experience may want to move on to a full latex bodysuit.

Whatever your preference, you need to ensure that the supplier you choose can provides quality garments in a variety of styles regardless of  what you choose.

If you’re looking to take your first steps into the world of latex, or simply looking to extend what you’ve tried already, then why not browse the extensive range available at Secret Latex today.