Brown Female Mask with Silicone Lips Mouth Gag

Brown Female Mask with Silicone Lips Mouth Gag

Revel in the seduction of soft, tight-fitted latex with our Brown Female Mask with Silicone Lips Gag!

This long-necked bondage hood clings to the contours of the face and leaves the mouth wide open for use. It features a detachable, lip-shaped silicone gag which sits inside your gums and moves with your mouth, for a sensual look and feel that makes oral sex even better.

Perfect for all kinds of adventures, this hand-painted mask also has openings for the eyes, ears, and nose. Shines up a treat and transforms the look!


One size fits all and is suitable for all genders. Made from soft, 1 mm thick rubber latex, hand-painted in a medium brown skin tone, with a mouth diameter of approximately 4cm.

Fastens via rear zip.

Lip gag comes in bright red, rosy pink, or black. Mask also available in a caucasian skin tone

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Colour: Brown