German Shepherd Dog Heavy Hood

German Shepherd Dog Heavy Hood

Let your human dog know how good they've been with our realistically painted German Shepherd Dog Hood! Made from durable heavy latex with moulded muzzle, nose, and upright ears, it covers the entire head and neck with holes to see and breathe.

Designed with a unique ribbed "fur" texture. Choose between black or brown with black markings.

To keep your dog safe and obedient, we offer our Human Collar and Lead at a discounted rate when purchased along with this hood.


Made from heavy rubber latex and painted in your choice of black with red mouth and white teeth, or brown with black accents, red mouth, and white teeth. This hood comes in one size and stretches for a perfect fit. Fastens via a zip at the rear.

Sold standard with cut-out eye holes and smaller punched nose holes.

Hood comes pre-shined, but can be polished further with our latex shiner for maximum glossy finish.

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