Horse Pony Hood Pink
Horse Pony Hood Pink

Horse Pony Hood Pink

Horse Pony Hood Pink

Give your pretty pony the face it deserves with our Secret Latex Horse/Pony Hood in hot pink! Made from stout rubber latex, this hood is shaped like a real horse head with moulded muzzle and ears. It covers the entire head and upper neck, with holes at the nose and the option of open cut-outs or closed eyes.

This item is the perfect accessory to pony play or erotic humiliation, combined with the irresistible constriction of a full latex hood.


Made from gum-style rubber latex material. This hood comes in one universal size and stretches to accommodate most adult head measurements. Fastens via a zip at the rear.

Comes standard with holes for the nostrils; eye holes are optional.

Polish your hood with our Silicone Latex Shiner Spray for a beautiful glossy finish.

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Colour: Pink
Product Code: HORSEBLK01NL