Latex Piglet Hood

Latex Piglet Hood

Give your little pig the face it deserves with our latex Piglet Hood in a choice of colours. Made from soft, smooth rubber latex, this hood is moulded with a snub snout and perky upright ears. It covers the entire head and upper neck, with holes at the nose to allow your piglet to breathe.

This hood can be ordered without openings for eyes and mouth, with one or the other, or with a wider circular cut mouth for easier access.

Great for animal play, erotic humiliation, and more!


Made from durable rubber latex in black, approximately 1mm thick. One size, allows for stretch of at least 3cm. Fastens via a zip at the rear. Nose holes standard, eye and mouth holes optional.

Our Piglet Hoods come pre-shined, but to help them look their best, polish them further with our a Latex Shiner Spray for a beautiful glossy finish.

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Product Code: PIGLET01NL