Masculine and Feminine Black Hood Bundle

Masculine and Feminine Black Hood Bundle

This bundle includes two of our most popular hoods, one in our feminine style and the other masculine. Each is made from soft, pure black latex and covers the entire head including the mouth, with punched nose holes for breathing. The latex stretches for a tight, one-size fit, just like a second skin.

Great for sensory deprivation, watersports, and more!


Made from soft, durable rubber latex. One size fits all due to stretch. These hoods come pre-finished for a glossy look out of the box, but can be further enhanced with latex shine products (also sold in our store).

Choose between fully cut holes for the eyes, smaller punched holes, or no eyeholes at all, for those who prefer to keep things in the dark.

Standard fastening is a zip at the rear, but can be ordered with an optional lacing closure instead.

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