Mens Black Open Sheath Briefs

Mens Black Open Sheath Briefs

Made from soft, pure black latex, these briefs allow for plenty of stretch and will provide you with sensual constriction. They are designed for the male body and feature an open-ended sheath for access to the penis, as well as a snug separated pouch for the testicles. Suitable for a wide variety of sizes.


Made from sturdy rubber latex. Available in sizes small to extra extra large. There will be some shine from production when you receive the product, however latex has a natural matte finish and will require polishing to reach your desired glossy effect. The shine can be further enhanced using our latex shine product.

Waist sizing guide (inches):

Medium - 28"-34"
Large - 30"-36"
Extra Large - 32"-38"
Extra Extra Large - 36"-42"

If you are larger than these measurements, please remember that they are not exact, as these briefs allow for a few inches of stretch. They will simply be more tightly fitted.

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Colour: Black