Pig Heavy Latex Hood

Pig Heavy Latex Hood

Give your human pig the face it deserves with our Heavy Latex Pig Hood! Made from heavy, durable rubber latex in a natural black colour, this hood is shaped like a real pig head with moulded snout and ears. It covers the entire head and upper neck, with holes at the nose and eyes and a slit mouth, and features ridges in the latex for a unique and satisfying texture.

This item is the perfect accessory to animal play or erotic humiliation, combined with the irresistible constriction of a full latex hood.


Made from heavy, textured rubber latex material. This hood comes in one universal size and stretches to fit, with openings for the nose, eyes, and mouth. Fastens via a zip at the rear.

Polish your hood with our Silicone Latex Shiner Spray for a beautiful glossy finish.

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Colour: Black