Puppy Hood Red

Puppy Hood Red

Treat your loyal human puppy with our sleek, stretchy rubber latex Puppy Hood in red! Shaped like a real dog head with moulded muzzle and upright ears, it covers the entire head and neck, with holes for the nostrils standard. Optional full cut-outs for the eyes, small punched iris holes, or muzzle slit are also available.

For puppies who need to be kept to heel, we offer our Human Collar and Lead at a discounted rate when purchased along with this mask.

Great for puppy play or erotic humiliation, combined with the irresistible sensation of a full latex hood.


Made from soft, durable red rubber latex. This hood comes in one size and stretches for a perfect fit. Fastens via a zip at the rear.

Nose holes standard with optional open eyes or small iris holes, and optional slit at the mouth.

Hood can be polished further with our latex shiner for maximum glossy finish.

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Colour: Red
Product Code: PUPPYRED01NL