Silicone Female Mask with Large Breast Form (E Cup)

Silicone Female Mask with Large Breast Form (E Cup)

This all-in-one breast form and mask encases the body from head to hips, and is made from flexible silicone rubber for soft, realistic skin texture and a fit that will melt into your skin. Its universal sizing will stretch over any adult head. The mask has eyebrows made from punched hair and holes for the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. You are able to eat and drink while wearing this mask, though care should be taken not to damage the mouth.

The E-cup breasts have a soft, lifelike feel with fully enclosed filler in your choice of cotton elastic or silicone liquid.


This item comes without makeup so you can add your own.
You can also add a wig to achieve your desired look.
The eyebrows are punched light hair for a lifelike look and feel.
This hood is one size fits all due to stretch. It covers the entire head, neck, and torso, and comes in skin tones from light to dark.

Product Measurements Unstretched:
Breast size - 13cm x 12cm x 5.5cm
Cup size - E cup
Head circumference - 61 cm
Head length - 25 cm
Neck circumference - 35cm
Eye distance - 3.5cm
Eye width - 3.5cm
Nose length - 6cm
Shoulder - 35cm
Upper bust - 95 cm
Lower bust - 76 cm
Total length - 71cm
Weight - 2100g for cotton breast filler, 4000g for silicone breast filler

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