Silicone Young Female Mask

Silicone Young Female Mask

Made with a realistically soft, supple skin texture and lifelike eyebrows, our Silicone Young Female Mask conforms to the head and feels just like a second skin. The flexible silicone stretches to fit any adult. Pre-cut holes at the eyes allow the wearer to see and interact, while the open mouth allows for eating and drinking (though care should be taken with the mouth to avoid damage). This hood also has openings at the nostrils and ears. With its youthful feminine features and plush lips, this hood will be a great companion to all your adventures. Available in skin colours light, medium, and dark.


The Silicone Lady Mask comes without makeup so you can add your own. You can also add a wig, such as our Long Wavy Wig, to achieve your desired look. The eyebrows are made from realistic attached light hair for a lifelike look and feel. This hood is one size fits all due to stretch. It covers the entire head and upper neck, and is a great compliment to our silicone breast form.

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